Welcome to the Finnish Wind Power Association

The Finnish Wind Power Association (FWPA) was founded in 1988 with the aim to create good conditions for wind energy development in Finland. According to the strategy of FWPA, this is accomplished by mediating knowledge, participating in discussions and collaborating with authorities, organizations and the industry. The association has about 230 private persons and over 150 companies as members.

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The main channel for information is the magazine Tuulivoima, which is published three times a year. The magazine is mostly in Finnish with abstracts and occasional articles in English. The magazine is also available online: Tuulivoima.

The board of FWPA meets seven to nine times a year to make decisions about the association’s activities and to discuss matters regarding wind power development in Finland. The board members are elected for a two-year period, but the chairman sits for one year at a time. The members of the board are representatives for different areas of the wind industry, such as turbine manufacturers, wind power producers, planners, researchers. The board members are elected at the annual meeting, which is held in spring every year.

The board of 2013:
Board Chairman: Jari Suominen, St1
Petteri Antikainen, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland
Taamir Fareed, Taaleritehdas Oyj
Jenny-Li Holmström, Hammerström Puhakka Partners
Karoliina Joensuu, Pöyry Oy
Esa Holttinen, wpd Finland Oy
Sami Kuitunen, Innopower Oy
Erkki Kunnari, Metsähallitus, Laatumaa
Aarne Luukko
Pasi Valasjärvi, Siemens Oy
Miia Wallén, UPM-Kymmene Oyj

Contact details

Finnish Wind Power Association
Asemakatu 11 A
40100 Jyväskylä
tuuli (at) tuulivoimayhdistys.fi

Executive Director
Anni Mikkonen
tel + 358 40 771 6114
anni.mikkonen (at) tuulivoimayhdistys.fi

Operational Manager
Heidi Paalatie
tel +358 550 3858
heidi.paalatie (at) tuulivoimayhdistys.fi

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