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Wind power in Finland

10 Reasons to choose wind power

1. Wind power is clean and safe - it does not pollute the air, soil or water, nor does it deplete water resources.


2. Wind power is locally produced, Finnish energy.


3. Wind power is economical – the wind is a free and unending raw material and there are practically zero variable costs.


4. Wind power employs a wide range of professionals. In addition to project development, many wind power components are manufactured in Finland and export is considerable.


5. Wind power brings investment, tax income and enhances the image of municipalities, as well as bringing new opportunities for economic development.


6. Wind power improves national energy self-sufficiency and lowers the overall cost of imported energy.


7. Replacing imported energy with renewables balances the national current account effectively, competitively and quickly.


8. Wind power production lowers the cost of electricity. The cost of wind power is very low when indirect costs are also included in the calculation.


9. Wind energy can be installed and commissioned very quickly compared to other energy sources.


10. Wind power produces more energy in 3-9 months than is used in its manufacture, transportation, construction and demolition.