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Wind power in Finland

Feed-in tariff

The feed-in tariff scheme for electricity has been designed to increase the use of renewable energy sources in electricity production. The EU has set a requirement for Finland to achieve an increase in renewable energies whereby they will account for 38% of final consumption by the end of 2020. Feed-in tariff is granted by The Energy Authority.

According to the original production subsidy scheme wind power projects in Finland are entitled to have the subsidy until the combined capacity of the generators exceeds 2500 MVA.

Specific information (i.e about the legistelation & application to join the feed-in tariff) can be found on The Energy Authority´s web page.

The quota calculator

You can follow the wind power capacity status with the quota calculator in the SATU system at The calculator shows the share of the total capacity that has already been filled based on acceptance decisions and the reservations to the quota made through valid quota decisions. The calculator also shows the quota for quota applications and acceptance applications being processed, the remaining capacity and the capacity of only power plants that have submitted advance notice to the SATU system. The data is automatically updated whenever new applications affecting the total capacity are submitted or decisions are passed.

Download the Translation of quota calculator's main features.


The Energy Authority