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Wind power in Finland

Wind energy and employment

Wind power is a strongly growing global industry. According to EWEA, in 2010 the wind energy industry provided direct and indirect employment for 238 000 people in the EU. By the year 2020, this number is expected to grow to over 520 000. [1]

The Finnish wind power industry provides employment in wind turbine component and materials manufacturing, wind park planning, construction, operation and maintenance. Finnish industry has a long history in the manufacture of wind power components and materials and Finnish industrial companies have long been working as subcontractors for the world’s leading wind turbine manufacturers [2].

Many new permanent jobs can be created in Finland by focusing on wind power technology development. The Finnish wind industry has employed 2000-3000 people in the last few years. By 2020, industrial technology employment can grow to 7000 jobs [2]. According to a study by Sweco Environment Ltd, approximately 4200 people will be employed in wind power planning, construction, operation and maintenance by 2020. There is therefore the potential for 11 000 wind power jobs in 2020, if the opportunities for wind power installation and technology industries are realized. Wind power project development currently (2015) employs about 2200 people.

The Finnish wind industry roadmap, published by the Federation of Finnish Technology Industries, states that cross-sector private sector and research institution cooperation and the opportunity to demonstrate innovations in the domestic market will be the key drivers to international competitiveness and bringing new products to market.
Finnish generator, gearbox, blade and tower material producers have a strong position in the wind power market [4]. In 2008, wind industry turnover was around 1 billion euros, of which 90% came from exports. There is scope to increase exports further by investing in product development and marketing [2].

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